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The Full Story


My intention is to shape the way we work and support People & Culture leaders in entering the new paradigm to build a sustainable architecture for their business. 

My Story

What It's All About For Me

I cultivated the foundation of my expertise in the dynamic world of technology, where possibilities seem limitless. While immersing myself in the pursuit of innovative technological solutions, I often wondered whether the emphasis on people and culture behind this transformation had inadvertently diminished—a perspective that felt concerning. Recognizing the intrinsic importance of both technological advancements and the human element, I prioritize the establishment of socially-conscious processes.

In my experience, I've learned that every endeavor begins and concludes with the people involved and those affected. Regardless of an organization's size, our impact extends beyond the realms of the economy to encompass society, the environment, and individual lives. My commitment lies in comprehending the profound influence we wield and transforming it with mindfulness. We are all participants in an energetic exchange, and I advocate for making this interaction conscious and aligned.

My Path.

My path has led me through various organizations with unique cultures. Having experienced a small family-run business, large multi-national corporations, tech start-ups which have been successfully scaled, joint ventures as well as merging organizations, I seized every opportunity to study the processes behind-the-scenes, the social web, the interdependencies of roles. Sociology has been a special interest of mine for as long as I can remember. In fact, it is the underlying motivation as to why I chose to work on the practical interface of human interaction especially when it comes to melting pots where e.g. cultures, interests or beliefs collide. 

I am deeply motivated by getting involved, using my unique perspective to localize potential, not afraid of making changes. Asking the penetrating, sometimes uncomfortable questions to get to the bottom of things to be tweaked while not settling for quick fix solutions or the easy way to reach short term goals is what I do best. 



Human Design Training

Jenna Zoe Ltd. 

On a business level Human Design helps us understand how people influence each other and how to honor unique and individual strenghts. Groups as well as individuals profit from focusing on their own potentials and putting them into practice accordingly in order to work efficiently and effectively together. 


New Work Manager

IHK Cologne, Germany

I learned to move past the omnipresent "We have always done it this way" narrative to coach an organization in creating their individual, future-oriented and human-centered processes. 

2013 - 2018

International Management B.Sc. 

University of Applied Sciences Karlsruhe

My studies focused on understanding the structures of enterprises in their variety. I chose to put special emphasis on intercultural communication and group dynamics which led to extensive studies summarized in my thesis with subject 

"Lost in virtuality - virtual conflicts in multicultural, virtual teams". 

2015 - 2016

Study Abroad - Erasmus Mobility

IPAM Lisbon, Portugal 

To round up my special interest in different cultures and international group dynamics I chose to spend one semester in Portugal which allowed me to observe and participate in multicultural teams of various kinds. 

Recent Projects

Workshop: Candidate Experience for Hiring Managers

In recognizing the importance to enhance their Hiring Process and overall Desirability, my client acknowledged the necessity of empowering their highly skilled Hiring Managers to actively engage in the Candidate Journey. Consequently, I designed a comprehensive workshop aimed at raising awareness regarding the Candidate Experience and imparting effective Interviewing Techniques to keep candidates enganged."

Employee Engagement through eNPS

Rapidly scaling up and navigating a significant change process have had notable effects on my client's employee engagement and turnover rates, along with the impact on their employer brand. To address these challenges and assist managers in fostering meaningful relationships with their subordinates, I introduced a data-driven approach to Employee Engagement. This involved implementing an eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) tool and providing training for managers on how to positively influence both Employee Engagement and Change Management strategies, helping HR and Management prioritize their initiatives effectively.

Evaluating Employee's Needs vs. Introducing new Benefits

My client introduced a multitude of benefits with the goal of minimizing turnover and boosting employee engagement to enhance overall performance. Despite these efforts, the anticipated positive effects did not materialize. I worked closely with their managers to identify the genuine needs of their employees and tailored benefits and measures accordingly.

Interim Recruiting

I provided comprehensive support to multiple clients in various industries by managing their end-to-end recruitment process, which included activities such as interviewing, active sourcing, and candidate management. In addition to meeting their hiring needs, I delivered valuable market insights and expertise to enhance the efficiency of their recruiting strategies.

Main Industries: 

- Manufacturing

- Automotive

- Software & Technology 

- Energy

- FinTech & Banking

- Telecommunication

- Staffing

Leaves Shadows

Wanna Do's

Bias-Free Hiring 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Engaging virtual / remote Teams

Future-proofing your People Strategy

Aligned Comp & Benefits Structure

Prerequisites for working with me

You are open to the future of work impacting your business

You are interested in finding unique, meaningful solutions

You deeply care about your employees and your culture

You aim for sustainable solutions rather than quick fixes

You are eager to collaborate with & to learn from each other

You choose to go the extra mile rather than adding empty labels

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