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If you're interested in finding more about why I use Human Design to support teams in developing their unique potential please read on. 

My Human Design

Working in Human Resources I have quite obviously come across many systems and mindsets regaring potential enhancement or personality analysis. Some have found the holy grail in Myers-Briggs others have developed their own classification framework. Throughout my studies and my career I have partaken in several of these analyses yet somehow none of them stuck. I've taken Myers-Briggs personality tests at least 5 times in the past years because I keep forgetting my type. Now I know that I tend to forget a lot of things that I just don't feel drawn to.  I did however feel drawn to Human Design in the instance I stumbled upon it and remember diving so deep into it that I haven't been able to stop and it's been nearly 2 years. 

The reason why this system makes sense for me is because it includes a lot of information that cannot be altered or manipulated which is what I always felt like other frameworks were more prone to depending on the level of self-awareness one brings to it. I'm aware that Human Design is maybe not for everyone as it is not only based on Science but also on Spirituality and the latter has so far not been a present component in professional settings for obvious reasons. 

For me it makes a lot of sense. I've witnessed people experimenting with their designs or finding peace in their deconditioning process. Now that we moving to a new chapter where we can honor and encourage uniqueness and move past the unification processes people have to go through in order to be successful or accepted by society I believe we can all try something new. 

If it works for you, great. If it doesn't no harm done, right? 

My Design

Get to Know Me

Among many other things I am a Projector which describes an Energy Type that is known to be a guide and someone who has an innate gift in seeing potential for improvements which makes them people who are valued by what they see rather than what they do. I am an expert in understanding systems and I can enable others to see how they can work more efficiently and aligned. 

A bit more detail for those who are familiar: 

2/4 Profile

Splenic Authority

Shores Environment

Smell Cognition 

Desire Motivation

Probability View 

RAX of Tension 4

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