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What I Have To Offer

Let me support you in building a sustainable and future-oriented business. Take a look at my services or simply reach out to design a custom project. 

Basically, you have the opportunity to either work with me by booking my time or by creating a custom project.

I work with enterprises across the globe and therefore, offer services in English or German.

Now for the fruit? Well, I just liked the pictures and I believe if you take a closer look and let your mind wander you will see how each pictured fruit reflects the corresponding offering :)

Interim Recruiting & Growth Strategy

Start-ups with just a few employees, scale-ups with hiring needs of 100+ employees per year, large organizations struggling to find the perfect match - I've seen it all. Whether you're looking for advice on a specific problem, need someone to build your Hiring & Employer Branding strategy or hands-on support, let's have a chat! 

Read about my approach, my findings, and my philosophy here


Employee Experience Design

Looking to optimize your Hiring Process? Are you losing candidates right and left with no clue? Or you're successfully hiring new employees but they decide to leave after just a short while? Let's take a look at your Recruiting Strategy, your Employer Brand, and everything else that might stand in the way of your growth journey. 

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Start-Up Consulting

Does your start-up have yet to build a people strategy that aligns with your company vision? Has hiring an HR Expert been continuously pushed off your to-do list because everything else seems more important? 

Whether you're looking for specific advice on certain people-related situations or prefer someone to accompany you on your growth journey, let's have a chat!


Future of Work Consulting

Whether you're in the fortunate place to shape your workplace culture from scratch or you've realized that whatever used to work, somehow no longer does and you need to reassess your people related vision and processes, let's talk! 

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